If you would like to find out whether you or someone you know are being affected by black magic or jinn, we can help you, Insha Allah. Even if you have been cured in the past, people can still redo black magic on you. Therefore, it’s advisable to do a check-up periodically. Following are the steps to request a diagnosis and how we work.

warning-iconPlease remember that all cures are from Allah and that the Quran itself can be considered spiritual medicine. We are merely reciting prayers and verses of the Quran and using mediums, e.g. water and a human jinn catcher, to cure people.

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1. Contact us and send photo of patient

Please contact us and describe your situation and be completely honest and detailed yet concise. Review our list of common symptoms to help you remember any that you may have experienced so that you can describe them to us. Also, send us a clear facial photo of the patient. You don’t have to be the patient. You may request a diagnosis for someone else, e.g. a family member. Please include the following information in your message.

  • The first and last name of the patient
    We don’t need the patient’s mother’s maiden name. Normally that’s needed by magicians who do black magic or people who cure the illegal, non-Islamic haram way. If a healer asks for your mother’s maiden name, be skeptical or just leave.
  • A clear facial photo of the patient
  • A chronological story
    Describe a timeline of events and symptoms that lead you to believe that black magic or jinn interference occurred. Believe it or not, the following are true stories and are examples for your story. We kept them short but please elaborate when you write to us.

    • I almost got married back in 2003 but the girl’s parents suddenly backed out for no reason. I married my first ex-wife in 2005. Before the wedding, everything was fine. After the wedding, we had lots of problems (describe the problems) and we got a divorce. I married my 2nd ex-wife in 2010. We also had problems (describe the problems) and we got a divorce. I married my 3rd ex-wife in 2014. Her behavior changed 180 degrees (describe the problems) from before and after the wedding. She became a psychopath so I divorced her. I’m suspicious that something is interfering with my marriages.
    • I’ve been happily married for 7 years. Then, one day I went back to my native country to visit relatives and old friends. When I got back from vacation, I kept getting into big arguments with my wife for petty reasons. Now she left me and wants a divorce.
    • I am a second year college student and I’ve always been motivated and had good grades. Recently I haven’t been able to study and have been getting bad grades. I feel no longer motivated and I’m thinking of dropping out. I feel that something’s not right with me.
    • I used to have no problems finding a job  but for the last 2 years, I’ve hardly had even any interviews despite my qualifications and the numerous jobs I applied to. Something doesn’t seem right.
    • Ever since I broke up with my boyfriend, I’ve been getting severe headaches and I have to keep going to the doctor for stomach pain. The doctors don’t really know what the problem is.
    • I’ve been married for 7 years and despite many attempts, we are unable to have kids. Doctors say we’re both healthy. My wife has been pregnant a few times but then she’d get a nightmare and upon waking up, she’s have a strong feeling that she’s going to lose the baby. A few days later, a doctor would verify that we lost the baby. This doesn’t make sense.
    • I’m going through a nasty divorce and my lawyer has been acting weird lately. He stopped returning my calls and emails. When I meet him, I feel like he’s supporting the other party instead of me. Knowing that the other party has lied numerous times and wants a lot of money from me, I’m suspicious that they did something to influence my lawyer and the judge.
    • I met this girl who isn’t a US citizen. In the morning, I didn’t feel attracted to her at all. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I’ve been spending all my time with her. This seems too good to be true and non-sensical that I could suddenly switch to feeling very attracted to her. Since she’s not a US citizen and I am a US citizen and her tourist visa will expire in a few months, I’m suspicious she did black magic on me to make me want to marry her so she could get the green card.

2. Review

We will review your situation and story. If we agree to help you, we will send you a link to make payment.

3. Make payment

We wish we could help people for free but in order to avoid abuse of our service and to help cover our time and expenses, we have the following fee structure.

  • US$100 – you will get a diagnosis report
  • US$200  – same as above plus a video of the entire ruqyah session (for skeptics, you can request a video as proof of our service and the results)
  • If you truly cannot afford our fees, you may send us a lesser amount or no amount at all. However, you must contact us swearing by Allah that you are telling the truth., the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  • If you are concerned that we will take your money without providing a service, please rest assured that we use Paypal for money transfer and you can file a dispute with Paypal. Since our service is legitimate, you will not need to file a dispute.

4. Ruqyah with jinn catcher medium

Upon receipt of payment,  we will use our jinn catcher and the photo you provided to determine whether the person in the photo is being affected by black magic and/or jinn.

5. Diagnosis report and/or video

Depending on your request, we will email you a diagnosis report and a link to view the video of the ruqyah session we performed.