We have a lot of experience helping people who are victims of black magic and jinn interference. We ourselves have been victims of black magic. Like most raaqis (exorcists), we used to perform ruqyah directly on our patients. We still do that but we also do remote ruqyah using a jinn catcher. There are pros and cons to both methods but they both work. We have found that the jinn catching method is quicker to get the jinn to talk which then allows us to communicate and exorcise the jinn.  The direct method, unfortunately, is time-consuming. When our patients would not react during direct ruqyah sessions, we, like most raaqis, assumed they were clean and free of black magic and jinn interference. We later found out that our diagnosis was wrong and we discovered that we could more accurately and quickly diagnose patients using a “jinn catcher” as a medium. This method still falls under ruqyah shar’iyyah and is completely halal. We have our own dedicated jinn catcher who we have used extensively with great success.


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  • Ruqyah / Exorcism
    Islamic invocations to exorcise jinn and cure someone of black magic and the evil eye.
  • Raaqi / Healer / Exorcist
    The person who performs the treatment to remove black magic and jinn. Raaqi is Arabic for the person who performs ruqyah.
  • Patient / Victim
    The person (human) suffering from affects of black magic and jinn possession.
  • Jinn / Genie / Devil / Spirit / Demon
    Jinn is an invisible creature made of smokeless fire. Unlike angels which must obey God (Allah), jinn are similar to humans and have free will to do bad or good. There are different categories of jinn and some are more evil than others. The devil (Iblis) is a jinn.
  • Jinn Catcher
    A person (human) who has been cured of jinn possession and whose body is “open” to catching jinn.
  • Zamzam Water
    A special kind of water from a well in Mecca near the Kaaba. It is freely available at the two mosques (Masjid Al Haram) in Mecca and Medina.
  • Holy Water
    Regular water or Zamzam water over which Quranic verses have been recited.

Jinn Catching

Jinn catching is a relatively new method for curing patients. It’s very effective but requires a third person – a jinn catcher. If other treatment methods do not work, jinn catching can be used as a last resort. Or, if you have a jinn catcher readily available, you can just use the jinn catching method described here. When a jinn possesses a human, they control, partially or completely, the human. Conversely, when a human jinn catcher catches a jinn, the human controls the jinn. The jinn is stuck in the human’s body and rarely can escape without permission from the catcher and the healer. Sometimes the catcher is conscious of what’s happening during the catching session. Other times, e.g. when the jinn is a shaytaan (devil), the catcher may not know what’s happening. If the catcher is conscious and recites the Quran in their mind,  the jinn burns. The jinn will feel very uncomfortable in the catcher’s body and beg to leave. Jinn catching is often done when direct ruqyah against a patient doesn’t work, e.g. when the jinn inside the patient doesn’t want to talk. With jinn catching, the jinn will be summoned and forced from the body of the patient to the body of the catcher. The jinn will be so uncomfortable and feel that they are being burned that the jinn will be forced to talk. At that time, the healer can communicate with the jinn and cure the patient.

Extreme Cases

Sometimes, after removing the jinn from the patient, the patient may feel better for a while. But, the magician may find out that the patient was cured and renew the black magic and send more jinn to the patient. This can go on and on without end which is clearly unacceptable. In this situation, it is possible to do the following, inshaAllah.

  • Catch the magician’s jinn
    Magicians use jinn to do their magic. In this case, we have the intention to catch the magician’s jinn and after catching them in the jinn catcher, we talk to them and have them leave. The magician will find out that he has no more jinn to work for him. Hopefully it will not be easy for magician’s to get new jinn.
  • Catch the magician
    After removing the magician’s jinn, the magician may hire someone else to do black magic on the patient. In this case, we make the intention to catch the magician him/herself and use the jinn catcher to catch the magician and have it stop doing black magic or asking others to do magic on his/her behalf.

Jinn Catcher Conditions

In order for a human to be a jinn catcher, they must meet the following conditions:

  • Been possessed by a jinn
  • During the ruqyah (exorcism) session, the jinn in their body spoke verbally
  • Be cured from any black magic or jinn

The second condition – that the jinn spoke during the treatment – is necessary since this will allow jinn caught by the jinn catcher to talk as well.

Quran-Recited Holy Water

In order to cure a patient, you will often need water over which you have recited certain verses of the Quran. Water over which the Quran has been recited becomes holy water. It can be used to burn evil jinn and destroy black magic. To create holy water, perform the following steps using either regular or Zamzam water.

  1. Get some water
    Water from a faucet or mineral water in plastic bottles or jugs will work. Ideally, use Zamzam water.
  2. Place the water open in front of you
    If the water is in bottle or jugs, open the bottles or jugs.
  3. Recite verses
    Sitting in front of the water, recited the following verses. After each verse, blow on the water.

    • Fatiha (1) 11 times.
    • The Cow (2), verses 1-3, 2 times.
    • The Cow (2), verse 102 until kafaru, 7 times.
    • The Cow (2), verse 163, 3 times
    • The Cow (2), verse 255, 11 times,
    • The family of Imrân (3), verse 26, 3 times
    • Al-A’râf (7), verse 54 till Hatitâ, 3 times,
    • Al-A’râf (7), verses 117-122, 11 times,
    • Yûnus (10), verses 81-82, 11 times,
    • Tâ-Hâ (20), verses 68-70, 7 times,
    • The Believers (23), verses 97 and 98, 7 times.
    • The Believers (23), verses 115-116, 7 times
    • The Winnowing Winds (51), verse 56, 7 times,
    • Drawn in ranks (37), verses 1-7, 11 times,
    • Ornaments (43), verse 1, 11 times,
      Note: The letters “Ha Mim” take the meaning of “Hamim”, one of the names of hell. They should be read slowly by pulling the Mim.
    • The smoke (44), verse 48 from «Subbu», 11 times
    • The exile (59), verse 21, 2 times,
    • The djinns (72), verses 1-8, 7 times,
    • Sincerity (112), 7 times,
    • The Daybreak (113), 7 times,
    • Mankind (114), 7 times,

    You may also read the following verses. They are verses encompassing “lâ ilâha illâ huwa”.

    • The family of Imrân (3) verses 2, 6 and 18,
    • The women (4) verse 87
    • Cattle (6), verses 102 and 106
    • Al-A’raf (7), verse 158
    • Repentance (9), verses 31 and 129
    • Hûd (11), verse 14,
    • The Thunder (13), verse 30,
    • Tâ-Hâ (20), verses 8 and 98,
    • The Believers (23), verse 116,
    • The ants (27), verse 26,
    • The Story (28), verse 70 and 88,
    • The Creator (35) verse 3,
    • The Troops (39), verse 6,
    • The Forgiver (40), verse 3, 62 and 65,
    • The Smoke (44), verse 8
    • Smoke (59), verse 22-24
    • Haggling (64), verse 13
    • Bundled Up (73) verse 9

    You can also add the following verses for jinn:

    • Al-Ahqâf (46), verses 29-32, 3 times,
    • The Mercy Giving (55), verses 33-35, 11 times,
    • Qâf (50), verse 19, 11 times

    This list is not exhaustive. You can add other verses you find relevant as well,

  4. Place water in a spray bottle
    To facilitate burning jinn and destroying black magic, place some of the holy water in a spray bottle.

Ruqyah Effectiveness

Jinn Catching vs Direct Ruqyah

Both indirect ruqyah using a jinn catcher and direct ruqyah on a patient can work to cure a patient. However, although the jinn catching method may be easier to get the jinn to talk and therefore figure out what’s going on, the direct method is faster in terms of overall effectiveness.


If a victim of black magic is aware that they are a victim, it will be much easier for them to get cured. The more they know about what’s happening to them, e.g. who did black magic to them, what the black magic is for, etc, the easier it will be for them to get cured. Unfortunately, many victims of black magic are spiritually weak and the jinn are able to control their minds causing them to continue to disbelieve that they are affected in the face of clear proofs.

Level of Faith and Spirituality of the Patient

Obviously, the more religious you are and, equally if not more important, the more you believe in Allah, the Quran, Islam, etc, the more effective your treatment will be. Having 100% of faith (not 99% or less) in Allah and his ability to make things happen, e.g. cure yourself, will make an enormous difference in how quickly and effectively you can get cured.

Level of Faith and Spirituality of the Exorcist

One factor in the effectiveness of a ruqyah session is the exorcist’s closeness to Allah. For example, to destroy some black magic, the exorcist must recite certain verses of the Quran. If the exorcist is close to Allah, he need only recite the verses 3 times. If he’s not close, he may have to recite many, many times. One way to become close to Allah is by reciting adhkaar (many dhikr) daily, e.g. 100 to 1000 times or more a day. Some good verses to recite are:

  • Surat Al-Falaq
  • Surat Al-Naas
  • Ayat Al-Kursi
  • etc.


Surat Yaseen is considered the heart of the Quran. If you recite it 41 times, its power can destroy black magic as fast as lightning. However, as with most spiritual issues, the key is the exorcist’s level of belief. The exorcist must have 100% belief in the Quran, Islam, and the effectiveness of what he is doing to get faster results.

Ruqyah with Jinn Catching Process

For step-by-step instructions, visit www.ruqyahverses.com.

No Physical Reaction When Doing Ruqyah

Many people who do ruqyah on a patient don’t notice any obvious reactions from the patient. Because of this, they sometimes prematurely misdiagnose the patients as not being possessed. If the symptoms of black magic are clear, e.g. sudden change of behavior, streak of bad luck, etc, then one common explanation of there not being an obvious reaction from a patient during ruqyah is that the jinn are very stubborn. In this case, the exorcist must keep doing ruqyah non-stop for an extended period of time or every day to make the jinn tired and give up. When the jinn hears the Quranic ruqyah verses, they feel very uncomfortable and hot. Stubborn jinn try to withstand the discomfort and pain hoping the exorcist will get tired and end the ruqyah session. Another strategy is to have the victim listen to Surat Al-baqarah, e.g. by Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, every night using headphones and/or right before a ruqyah session. The jinn will either be burned or become exhausted and decide to talk when you do ruqyah.

Helping Someone Become Aware That They or Someone They Know are Affected by Black Magic

Many people who are victims of black magic aren’t religious and/or are weak and consequently  are controlled by jinn to cause them to disbelieve that they are affected. Some people may just happen to be in a circumstance that makes it difficult to get them to be cured, e.g. they may live far away or be married to the person doing the black magic. Sometimes, a magician may do black magic to everyone in a family so that no one becomes suspicious of unusual behavior that could lead them to discovering that one of their relatives is primarily being targeted by black magic. In these situations, you can do remote / indirect ruqyah, e.g. using a jinn catcher or some other Islamically-acceptable means. You can also try to make the victim or the people around him who are being made to not be suspicious by doing the following:

  1. Get pictures of the victim or the people around him, e.g. family members, who you know are being blocked from becoming suspicious and write each one’s name on each one’s picture.
  2. Lay each picture down side by side
  3. Recite Surat Al-Faatihah 1000x while the victim (or the people around him) are sleeping, e.g. at night, every day for 3 to 7 days.
  4. While reciting, press two fingers, one each, on each of their eyes, taking turns from one picture to another. Or, using your hand, make the motion as if you are pulling air or smoke from their faces / bodies.

To be effective, this should be done only by people who are close to the victim and who know the situation very well.