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Q: Is it shirk to use a jinn catcher to help someone who is a victim of black magic.

A: No, it is not shirk. Shirk means you are using or asking something other than Allah (e.g. a jinn) to cure the patient. A jinn catcher is merely a human who can catch the jinn that is inside a patient. By doing this, we can control the jinn and force it to leave and stop hurting the patient. We communicate directly with the jinn via the jinn catcher and we catch (summon) the jinn by reciting certain verses of the Quran. 

Q: If I pay you to help me, since you are remote, how can I know whether you did anything or not?

A: We would not lie to our patients not take their money without providing the service they paid for. If you would like proof of our service, you can pay for a copy of a video of the ruqyah session so you can see for yourselves what we do. Also, since we use Paypal for payments, if we lie to you, you can easily file a dispute online via Paypal to get your money back.

Q: Why do healers perform ruqyah in different ways?

A: This practice of ruqyah is based on the use of the Quran and prophetic medicine. Therefore, it allows for the discovery of better healing techniques without leaving the framework of Islam. There is a hadeeth reported by Muslim: the sahaba told the Prophet (p) “We used to practice ruqyah before Islam. Shall we continue?” The prophet said: “Show me your methods, there is no harm in performing ruqyah as long as there is no shirk”. So, do not be surprised to come across new or different ways to perform ruqyah as long as they do not violate Islamic law.

Q: Can we ask jinn about the past?

A: Jinn can know about the past by personally knowing about a particular event or by asking Qareen jinn about a particular event that occurred in the past. For example, if you wanted to know if someone lied to you, a jinn may be able to answer that question for you. However, just like humans, jinn can lie, so you can’t believe everything they say. In terms of the legality of asking jinn about the past, I personally believe that if your intentions are good and don’t violate Islamic law, then I think it’s okay.

Q: Can the Bible and Torah Remove Black Magic and Jinn Possession Like the Quran?

A: According to Islam and the Quran, the bible, book of the Christians, and the Torah, book of the Jews, are from the same God as the Quran, namely Allah. However, those books may have been altered over time so not everything currently in them came from Allah. Nevertheless, some parts of those books are from Allah and therefore those parts can be used to remove black magic and jinn possession just like the Quran.