Welcome to RemoteRuqyah.com! We offer long-distance, remote ruqyah services to diagnose and treat patients suffering from black magic and jinn possession.

Do you feel that your life is blocked, e.g.

  • You can’t get married
    (e.g. every time you’re about to get married, your plans abruptly gets canceled or blocked)
  • You keep getting a divorce
    (e.g. problems keep arising in your marriages forcing you to get a divorce)
  • You can’t find a job
    (e.g. you are well qualified and applied to numerous positions but can never get a job)
  • You suffer from inexplicable health problems
    (e.g. you have health problems that no doctors can explain or cure including constant migraines, body odor that only you can smell, etc)
  • You can’t have kids
    (e.g. according to doctors, both you and your spouse are perfectly healthy but you can’t have kids)
  • You constantly have nightmares
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Have you gone to exorcists / raaqis without any success or who always say that you aren’t a victim of black magic or jinn possession?

If YES, we can help you, InshaAllah.

We have over 5 years of experience curing patients and victims of black magic and jinn interference. We have found that traditional direct ruqyah on a patient doesn’t always work and can lead to misdiagnoses. We now use a faster and more reliable method using a jinn catcher. Learn more about our method.